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We work with schools, school districts, and private education support companies to create effective instructional systems and products that improve student learning and strengthen teacher knowledge.  


With have over 50 years of combined experience in public education in district and school administration, teaching, and coaching, we provide a fresh perspective, thought-provoking professional learning, and supportive problem-solving protocols to engage you in systematic planning and in-depth change management.  

We look forward to helping your educational community reach its fullest potential.  Our specialties include: 

  • Mathematics Instruction & Equity

    • Strategic Improvement Planning

    • Instructional Practice

    • Professional Development for Teachers

    • Learning Loss Intervention​

  • Computer Science

    • Visioning and Strategic Planning for PK-12 Curriculum implementation, ​

    • Integrative Computer Science instructional strategies, tools, and curriculum for K-6

  • Special Education -

    • 18-21 Transition programs,

    • Improved IEP writing and meaningful goal setting

    • Implementation of Equine Therapy programs for students with special needs.

  • Leadership - 

    • Organizational Systems

    • Employee evaluation and goal setting

    • Change Creation and Management

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Career Highlights

  • Computer Science  Professional Develop & Curriculum Developer 

  • District Curriculum Director 

  • Alternative High School Principal 

  • High School Assistant Principal 

  • Mathematics Teacher 

Educational Specialties

STEM Education

  • Computer Science Curriculum

  • PK-12 Computer Science Pathway Creation & Implementation

  • Integrative Computer Science Instruction

  • Teacher Professional Development

    • Integrative Computer Science

    • Mathematics Instruction

Career Highlights

  • Principal of Barrett Middle School for Severely Emotionally Disabled Middle School 

  • Program Manager for 18-21 Transition Program for Students with Special Needs

  • District Special Education Partner 

  • High School Assistant Principal 

  • Business Teacher 

  • Football Coach 

Educational Specialties

  • Special Education Programming

  • 18-21 Transition Programming

  • Equine Therapy Program Implementation

  • Professional Learning for Administrators, Teachers, and Support Staff

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